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Future Events

Event: Hand building Clay workshop continuation
Date:  16 June 16 - 21 July 16

Six week Hand building workshop, Thursdays 16th, 23rd, 30th June and 7th, 14th, 21st July. 10am-12pm or 7pm-9pm. All information is the same as previous Hand building Clay Workshop.

Event: Tile Making part 2
Date:  17 June 16 - 01 July 16

Three half day sessions on Fridays 17th, 24th June and 1st July. Information the same as for previous Tile making workshop.

Event: Raku part 2
Date:  02 July 16 - 16 July 16

Three half day seesions, Saturday 2nd, 9th, 16th July. All information the same as for previous Raku workshop.

Past Events

Event: Raku Workshop
Date:  14 May 16 - 28 May 16

Saturday 14th, 21st and 28th May ( firing date depends on the weather) Three half days, 1x2hrs 10-12pm and 1x1hrs 10-11am and 1x3hrs 10-1pm.

Session1-Make ceramics, which will be bisque fired.

Session 2-Glazing with Raku glazes.

Session 3- Raku firing.

Cost £170, included tuition, all materials and two firings and refreshments.


Event: Nature Inspired Garden Seedhead Sculpture Workshop Part 2
Date:  13 May 16 - 27 May 16

Fridays 13th, 20th and 27th May. 3 half day sessions  1x2hrs, 1x3hrs and 1x1hr.Starting at 10am or 7pm.

Session 1-Design and make basic shapes.

Session 2-Assemble shapes and add detail and texture, bisque fired.

Session 3-Glaze and stoneware fired.

During the three sessions, you will create beautiful nature inspired seedheads sculptures suitable for the garden.

Cost £160, includes tuition, all materials, two firings and refreshments.

Event: Tile making course
Date:  12 May 16 - 26 May 16

Thursdays,12th, 19th and 26th May. Starting 10am or 7pm.Three half day sessions, 2x2hrs and 1xhr.

Session 1:Design and cut out tiles.

Session 2:Inscribe/Imprint tiles.

Session 3: Glazing

On this course we will be making slabs inscribing or imprinting into soft/leather hard clay.

You could make a housename/number or tiles for a splashback or tabletop.

Cost £150 inc. tuition,materials, firings and refreshments.

Event: Clay Club
Date:  06 April 16 - 27 July 16

Open to up to six students on a Wednesday each week, from 10.30am- 12.30 and 1.30-3.30pm. The use of all equipment and help on indivdual projects. All you need to bring is a bag of clay and £5.00 per hr. I mainly hand build. Book a space a week in advance. There is a yearly membership fee to join the club of £15. My studio is in Aldwick, just outside Bognor Regis.

Event: Evening Clay Club
Date:  06 April 16 - 27 July 16

Due to the great uptake of the daytime Clay Club, I will be starting an evening session on a Wednesday 7-9pm. Run on the same lines, £5.00 per hr. £15.00 yearly membership, you bring your own bag of clay(or buy some from me) and work on your own projects with support if needed. I have space for six each week, these need to be booked a week in advance, to avoid disappointment. there is a small charge for firings and glazing materials.

Event: Nature Inspired Garden Seedhead Sculpture Workshop Part 1
Date:  04 March 16 - 18 March 16

Fridays 4th, 11th and 18th March, starting at 10am  or 7pm Three half days. 1x2hrs session,  1x3hrs session and 1x1hrs session.

Session 1-Design and make basic shapes.

Session 2-Assemble,add texture and detail, bisque fired.

Session 3-Glaze, stoneware fired.

During the three seesions,you will create beautiful nature inspired seedheads, using handbuilding techniques. 

Cost £160, this includes tuition, all materials and equipment, glazes and two firings also refreshments.


Event: Hand building Clay workshop
Date:  25 February 16 - 30 March 16

Six week clay hand building course, Thursdays, 25thFeb. 3rd, 10th, 17th,24th and 30th March.  10am-12pm or 7pm-9pm. Limited spaces available. Learn the techniques, types of clay, glazing and firing knowledge, in a friendly purpose built studio. 

Cost £160, includes tuition, all equipment and refreshments. Student would need to purchase half a bag of clay and there is a nominal cost for firing.

Please contact me for more information.


Event: Christmas Gift Clay workshop
Date:  18 November 15 - 02 December 15

Three half day sessions for two hours, 10-12pm or 7-9pm. 

A creative festive workshop, an opportunity to make oringinal gifts for Christmas using handbuilding techniques. The cost is £140  includes all clay, firing and glazing materials also festive refreshments .  Places are limited.

Event: Stansted Garden Show
Date:  05 May 15 - 07 May 15
Link:  http://www.thegardenshowonline.com

Unique handbuilt sculptural stoneware ceramics for the garden and details of my latest workshops in my new ceramic studio.

Event: Chichester Art trail
Date:  02 May 15 - 10 May 15
Link:  http://www.chichesterarttrail.org

The weekend of the 2rd May and the 9th May, my new purpose built ceramic studio will be open for the first time to the public. A unique opportunity to see my new space and work.  I will be demonstrating hand-building techniques, with work for sale for the home and garden.

Event: New clay workshops
Date:  31 March 15

Due to moving house, I will not be running anymore clay workshops till Spring 2015. If you would like to be kept informed of future courses, just send me you email address. I will then send out the new programme of events at the beginning of the year. Looking forward to seeing old and new students in 2015 and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

Event:  Driftwood Open Garden, Seaford
Date:  23 August 14 - 07 September 14
Link:  http://www.driftwoodartwave.co.uk

The Seaside Sanctuary.My garden ceramics will be on display in this award winning garden in Seaford. Work on show as part of the Art Wave event starting on the 23rd August throught to 7th Sept, over the three weekends, have a 10% reduction.  

Event: Nature Inspired Garden Gourd Sculpture Workshop
Date:  23 April 14 - 07 May 14

April 23rd, 30th and May 7th. Three half days. 2x3hrs 10-1pm and 1x2hrs 10-12am.

Session 1-Design and make basic shapes.

Session 2-Assemble shapes and detail and texture, Bisque fired.

Session 3-Glaze, stoneware fired.

During the three sessions you will create beautiful nature inspired gourds.

Cost £140, includes tuition, all materials and equipment, two firings and refreshments.

Event: 318 Ceramic, Two day nature inspired clay workshop
Date:  06 March 14 - 07 March 14
Link:  http://www.318ceramics.co.uk

Event: Jan Guest Summer Exhibition
Date:  12 August 13 - 15 August 13
Link:  http://www.janguest.co.uk

Some of my ceramics will be in Jans natural garden.

Event: Sussex Prairie Gardens
Date:  30 June 13 - 30 September 13
Link:  http://www.sussexprairies.co.uk

My art will be in their beautiful gardens all summer.

Event: Working in partnership with garden designer Claudia De Loug
Date:  31 December 12
Link:  http://www.claudiadeloug.com

Event: Christmas lantern workshop
Date:  08 December 12

A lantern workshop from 10am-1pm at The Lodge, Hotham Park, Bognor Regis. £4 per lantern. A lit parade to the carols in the park at 6pm

Event: Unusual art at Sussex Praries Gardens
Date:  02 September 12
Link:  http://www.sussexprairies.co.uk

A beautiful garden open to the public with added attractions of unusual plants and art for the garden for sale.

Event: National Garden Scheme
Date:  03 June 12 - 04 June 12
Link:  http://www.roundhillshepardhuts.co.uk

My work will be for sale in the beautiful garden of Louise Adams, Roundhill Cottage, East Dean.

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